3 April 2019
Janssen Latina plant has just received the ISPE 2019 Facility Of the Year Award in the category of Equipment Innovation for the “Dosepak Equipment project”

Janssen’s Dosepak Equipment project is the result of the collaboration among Janssen Latina Engineering Department (the user), C-Matic srl (the Equipment producer), ECCT B.V. (the integrator), WestRock (Wallet and Dosepak supplier and producer) and Schreiner-MediPharm (the designer and producer of I-Smart Wallet), resulting into the design, installation and qualification of state-of-art equipment, first in the industry, which integrates advanced robotics and automation into a standard packaging process steps and enables lean, flexible and sustainable manufacturing.

For further details read the ISPE press release:

6 June 2018
Schreiner MediPharm supplies the required expertise in innovative printing technology for ECCT’s Smart Blister Pack for Clinical Trial

For a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, Schreiner MediPharm, in cooperation with ECCT, developed a smart blister pack for digital patient compliance monitoring to enhance medication adherence by clinical trial participants. Employment of this electronic tool to manage and track processes during clinical trials marks a milestone for the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

For further details read Schreiner MediPharm’s press release:

11 October 2017
ECCT’s Technology used in Janssen Clinical Studies

Janssen Research and Development, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, will launch the first clinical trial to use its iSTEP technology toolset based on ECCT’s Mediccine Techonolgy, which employs smart blisterpacks and a patient-facing smartphone app, by the end of the year.


19 – 20 September 2017
AMI Smartpackage Conference Maritim Hotel Koln Germany

Micro electronics in in-line Smartpackages, Jos Geboers   16:50H – 17:50H

14 November 2016
Eindhovens Dagblad interview with ECCT’s director Jos Geboers

In an interview with the Eindhovens Dagblad newspaper ECCT’s director, Jos Geboers, tells about the progress that has been made over the last few years and the current status of ECCT’s Mediccine™ technology, as he prepares to launch the product on the market in the New Year.

24 October 2016
ECCT’s Mediccine™ technology features in Link Magazine article

ECCT’s marketing director, Gerrit Menting, explains how ECCT’s smart package technology is being used to improve medication therapy adherence and to monitor the shelf life of the medication. You can read the complete article (in Dutch) here.

16 June 2016
ECCT’s Mediccine™ technology will be used on industrial scale

ECCT is currently implementing Mediccine™ technology on the high-volume production lines of 2 large pharmaceutical companies in preparation for mass production of Smart medication packages. Further details to follow.

1 February 2014
ECCT’s Tempos Technology used in Medication Efficiency and Wastage Trial

ECCT’s Tempos technology is being used in a national trial aimed at increasing medication efficiency and reducing medication wastage. The trial involves 10 hospital pharmacies and 600 patients, and will be conducted over a period of 6 months. During the trial the patients will receive their medication from the pharmacy with the Tempos card included in the package. When the patients return to the pharmacy for a refill the data on the card is read and stored in the Mediccinet database. This data is then analyzed to determine whether the medication has been stored correctly by the patient.

7 November 2013
ECCT’s Temposcard temperature logging device wins the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2013.


ECCT B.V. has won the prestigious Herman Wijffels innovation award, for the development of a system to reduce medicine wastage and to improve patient compliance using a sophisticated chip inside medication packages.

In the opinion of the jury: “Temposcard helps to cut costs and prevent medication wastage. In a few years time this will be the standard.”

To view a video about the award winning Temposcard click here.

The Temposcard is marketed under the name Safe-Rx.

1 October 2013
ECCT’s Temposcard temperature logging device nominated for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2013.

ECCT B.V. has been  nominated for the prestigious Herman Wijffels innovation award, for the development of a system to reduce medicine wastage and to improve patient compliance using a sophisticated chip inside medication packages.

Out of the 743 ideas that were submitted to the Rabobank jury for consideration, ECCT B.V. was selected as one of the 13 finalists.

On 7 November 2013 the award winners will be announced during an awards ceremony in Utrecht.

For further details (in Dutch) read the Rabobank’s press release here.